Centres of Special Skills or Interest

NFOG is aiming to facilitate visits to Centres of Special Skills or Interest throughout the nordic countries.

We are making a list of Centres that are willing to accept visitors within NFOG´s program.

Those (departments/clinics) who wish to be considered as Centers of Special Interest can send applications to the chairman of the National Boards.  After approval the information will be forwarded to the NFOG webmaster to be posted here.


Ultrasound/fetal medicine
St.Olav Hospital, Trondheim

Diseases of the Pelvic floor
UNN Tromsø/AHUS, Oslo

Endoscopic Surger
Oslo University Hospital, Ullevå

Oslo University Hospital, Rikshospitalet

KK,Haukeland, Bergen

Oslo University Hospital, Riks-Radiumhospitalet

Extreme adipositas and pregnancy
OUH; Rikshospitalet

Transplantation, rare diseases and pregnancy
OUH, Rikshospitalet


Urogynecology – Aarhus University Hospital, Skejby
The centre performs treatment of prolapse, urinary- and analincontinence. The center perfoms both advanced urogynecological surgery and has a great volume of out patient surgery. There is a strong multidisciplinary teamwork.

Oncology – Aarhus University Hospital, Skejby
The centre performs surgical treatment of all gynaecological cancers, including advanced surgery for ovarian cancer, sentinel node for vulva cancer, and laparoscopic/robot assisted surgery for endometrial and cervical cancer. There is a strong multidisciplinary teamwork.

Contact: charsoeg@rm.dk

Oncology – Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen
The gynecological centre takes care of all kinds of gynecological cancer. The centre has been elected as a “Centre of excellence” in 2010 and is also ESGO certified for education of experts in the field. We perform by international standards, a multidiciplinary approach and surgery in the form of laraposcopy including robot surgery and open procedures for all gynecologial cancers. The department has a strong tradition for teaching and learning with students and doctors on all levels of education.

Contact: lundvall@rh.dk

Oncology / Robotics – Aalborg University Hospital
Contact: Erik Søgaard-Andersen; esa@rn.dk

Gynecologic Oncology:
In a multidisciplinary set-up, the Department performs surgical treatment of gynecologic cancer diseases and pre-invasive diseases. Advanced, extensive surgery in ovarian cancer, including full surgical staging (radical pelvic and paraaortal lymphadenctomy), and multidisciplinary tumor-reduction is performed.
The department takes part in education of medical students and doctors at all levels.

Robotic Surgery:
The department has since 2008 performed robotic surgery in all cases of endometrial cancer, uterine sarcomas and cervical cancer. The procedures include simpel and radical hysterectomy and pelvic and paraaortal lymphadenectomy.
The department participate in education and implementation of robotic surgery in other national and international institutions.
In cooperation with center for minimal invasive surgery (MIUC), training in robotic surgery in live animal models (pigs) is implemented.

Endometriosis – Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen
Concerning endometriosis the department is one of two centres in Denmark performing surgery for the advanced cases of endometriosis. The treatment is performed by a team of doctors and nurses and is medical as well as surgical. The surgery is performed by laparoscopy and as robot surgery. The surgical team for the advanced cases consists of gastro surgeons and gynecologists who have special skills in treating rectovaginal and intestinal endometriosis.

Endometriosis – Aarhus University Hospital, Skejby.
We are one of two Danish centres specializing in diagnosis and treatment of advanced endometriosis. The team is multidisciplinary with four specialized nurses and four senior doctors. We have a large patient volume for both medical and surgical treatment of endometriosis. For special cases we work closely with urologists, gastro- and plastic surgeons. Furthermore the centre is part of a laparoscopic training unit for both pre- and postgraduates.

Center for minimal invasive treatment of benign uterine disease – Aarhus University Hospital, Skejby.
The fibroid team in Aarhus consists of two specialists in interventional radiology with experience since 2001 in uterine embolization, two endoscopists with special interest in advanced endoscopic treatment of fibroids and adenomyosis and one MRI specialist.

Contact: Margit Dueholm: dueholm@dadlnet.dk

Fibroid treatment – Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen
The department has a long tradition and experience in treating fibroids and uses all modalities including embolisation. The treatment is mainly performed by two doctors.

Oncology – Odense University Hospital, Denmark
We are one of the largest gynae-oncological centers in Denmark, providing highly specialized treatment for gynaecological malignancies, including ultra-radical cytoreductive surgery for ovarian cancer, pelvic exenteration for primary or recurrent pelvic malignancies and laparoscopic /robotic assisted surgery as well. Multidisciplinary teamwork is well established and ensures up to date patient care. The Centre has been ESGO certified for subspecialty training in gynae-oncology since 2006.

Contact: Algirdas.Markauskas@ouh.regionsyddanmark.dk


Endometriosis – Uppsala Academic Hospital
The endometriosis center in Uppsala was inaugurated in October 2009. Since the start we work as a multidisciplinary team consisting of gynecologists, nurse, midwife, physiotherapist, counselor and a specialist in reproductive medicine. We work close with the Pain center, both concerning pain treatment and rehabilitation. We perform advanced endometriosis surgery. We have several ongoing research projects concerning for instance endometrial receptivity, pain mechanisms and new treatment strategies.

Contact: matts.olovsson@kbh.uu.se

Gynecologic Oncology – Linköping University Hospital
Linköping University Hospital is one of the largest referral hospitals for gynecological cancer treatment in Sweden with a population of approximately 1,5 million inhabitants. The concept of the center is based on a well-developed cooperation between gynecological tumor surgeons and gynecological oncologists. The oncological treatments used are evidence based and we apply all treatment modalities in the center. All sorts of advanced radical surgery are performed in the center. Research and education are important parts of the work at the center. We educate medical students, specialist doctors and subspecialist in gynecological cancer surgery.

Contact: preben.kjolhede@regionostergotland.se

Robotic surgery – Skane University Hospital, Lund
Robot assisted laparoscopic surgery started in October 2005 and the expected annual surgical volume is expected to be >400 operations in 2015, mainly for gynecological cancer.

The technique is economically and clinically motivated only for more advanced procedures mainly found within the field of gynecological cancer but also for selected benign conditions, for example various surgical procedures in obese patients, complex hysterectomies, surgery for endometriosis and genital malformations. At Practicum, Lund Clinical Skills Centre, one robot is available for training and international masterclasses for surgeons and OR nurses are held twice a year including surgery on live pigs with training of management of bleeding, live surgery demonstrations, educational videos and related lectures (www.practicumroboticschool.org).

Contact: jan.persson@med.lu.se

Subspecialist training in gynecologic oncology.

A survey on the subspecialist training in gynecologic oncology in the Nordic countries has been made.
14 centers are interested in exchange of fellows from other countries, and they are all able to educate the fellows.
The results of the survey are described in an article in AOGS (link).
Names and email addresses of the contact persons in the 14 centers can be found on this list (link).
(August 2011)