Invitation, NFOG General Assembly August 29, 2023

Individual members of the National Societies are entitled to participate in the General Assembly, but only the member societies’ delegates are entitled to vote. Each national member society possess a number of votes, proportional to the number of its members, according to the NFOG Statutes.

The agenda at the ordinary General Assembly:

1. Election of chairman and two minutes checkers for the meeting.

2. Report by the Board.

3. Committee reports.

4. Treasurer’s financial report.

5. Auditors’ report.

6. The question of granting discharge from liability for the management of the Federation’s affairs and assets by the Board and Treasurer.

7. Election of the Federation’s chairman.

8. Election of Treasurer

9. Election of three auditors (of which one shall be an authorized public accountant) and a deputy auditor for the next period of administration

10. Confirmation of budget and annual fee for the coming period of operation until the next ordinary General Assembly.

11. Next congress.

12. Acta Obstetricia et Gynecologica Scandinavica.

13. Website, NFOG Bulletin.

14. Any other business.