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14 May 2016

Abstracts NFOG congress 2016 Helsinki

NFOG congress 2016 Invited speakers – abstracts Acharya Ganesh_16002Abstract00351 Amant Frederic_16002Abstract00354 BÅtzow Ralf_16002Abstract00360 Cnattingius Sven_16002Abstract00375 Collins Sally_16002Abstract00381 de Vos Willem_16002Abstract00383 Dias Marcos_16002Abstract00377 Dueholm Margit_16002Abstract00366 Einarsson Jon Ivar_16002Abstract00355 Eriksson Johan_16002Abstract00024 Falconer Christian_16002Abstract00356 Falconer Henrik_16002Abstract00362 FÑrkkilÑ Anniina_16002Abstract00369 Forman Axel_16002Abstract00380 Fraser Ian_16002Abstract00009 Glintborg Dorte_16002Abstract00104 Gunnarsson_Bjîrn_16002Abstract00363 Gunst Annika_16002Abstract00015...

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1 July 2013

FIGO News on Human papillomavirus vaccines

Human papillomavirus vaccines are used in many countries; globally, more than 175 million doses have been distributed. Extensive pre-­- and post-­-licensure data on the safety of the vaccines are available. Read More »

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23 July 2011

The Common NOSS Project

At a Nordic workshop in September 2008 funded by NFOG and NOMBIR (the Nordic Medical Birth Registries) we designed a common project to describe and analyze rare serious pregnancy complications that are reported to occur in women with a previous caesarean section. – read...

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3 April 2011

FIGO Meeting in Tanzania

The Nordic member of the FIGO executive Board, Seija Grenman, report from her first meeting with the FIGO board in Tanzania (2010). Read more »

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