Report from the 42nd NFOG congress

The 42nd NFOG Congress took place in Trondheim in August 2023. It was a great success, socially and scientifically it was fantastic.

It had been five years since the last NFOG congress in Odense. The planned congress in Iceland was cancelled because of the Covid pandemic. We were worried that the Nordic OB and Gyn doctors had forgotten how important the NFOG congresses are for collaboration and bonding. We were also curious if the Swedish doctors would come. SFOG veckan was cancelled to promote NFOG 2023. There was no need to worry. In all, 815 participants attended the congress in Trondheim. More than 300 were from Sweden. The exact number of delegates from each country is not known, since many participants did not fill in country of residence on the registration form. However, we know that at least 300 Swedes, 200 Norwegians, 150 Danes, 70 Fins and 20 from Iceland attended. More than 135 participants were trainees/young doctors.

The scientific program had three parallel sessions with lectures from all subdisciplines. There were six sessions with a total of 50 oral communications and 150 posters on display. It is difficult to select highlights since there may be divergent opinions. However, we know that the last day with plenary sessions on “war and women’s health” and “from pregnant women to pregnant persons” were well received. We were happy to see that the pre-congress workshops were well visited. In all, 323 participants attended 12 workshops hosted by 37 speakers the day before the congress. Two Nordic collaboration groups were founded in Trondheim (Colposcopy and Medical forensic examinations).

The social program was well attended and liked. The first evening we had a concert in Nidarosdomen. An organist played while we enjoyed the new light settings in the cathedral. The concert highlight was the Norwegian pop-rock group: Gåte. Gåte will be the Norwegian contribution to the Eurovision Song Contest in Malmø later this spring. Afterwards we mingled in the Archbishop’s palace with drinks and food. On Tuesday we had the traditional NFOG congress dinner at the hotel. A “toastmaster with a twist” made the dinner a great success.The congress did not give a surplus to NFOG. This was known in advance and can be explained. Luckily the NFOG has financial funds to cover the deficit. From a positive view: NFOG sponsored every delegate at the congress with more than 1000 DKK. This was positive for the ones who attended the congress. It does not mean that the same thing will happen in Uppsala in 2025. However, we are confident that the social and scientifical success in Trondheim, will give an even higher attendance at the next NFOG congress.

Trondheim, February 2024.    Pepe Salvesen.   Congress president NFOG 2023

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