Here in the thesis registry you can find theses in the fields of Obstetrics and Gynecology from the Nordic universities.

First nameLast nameUniversityCountry Year
A life course study of the relationship between pregnancy and cardiovascular health in women : the HUNT study in NorwayEirin BeateHaugTrondheimNorway2018Column1
A lifeline connecting new parents with the hospital. Using Participatory Design to develop and test an app for parents being discharged early postnatalDorthe BoeDanbjørgSouthern DenmarkDenmark2015
A national cardiotocography education programme - development, validation and impact on interpretation skills and birth hypoxiaLineThellesenCopenhagenDenmark2017
A network approach to female sexual function : Comparison of symptom networks of women with high, moderate and low levels of sexual distress. AarnoRekolaÅboFinland2019
A novel risk classification system for preconception health and sero-epidemiological map of Toxoplasma, Rubella and Cytomegalovirus infections among couples planning a pregnancy in rural China: A nationwide study. QiongjieZhouTromsøNorway2019
A population-based study of risk factors for adverse pregnancy outcomes in northern rural Iran : a follow-up from pre-pregnancy to delivery. SiavashMaghsoudlouKarolinska InstituteSweden2016
A registry-based study of cancer and reproduction: fertility after cancer, outcomes in the offspring, and survival of pregnancy-associated cancer. HanneStensheimOsloNorway2014
A study of the association between hypertension in pregnancy and metabolic and hormonal risk factor profiles in mothers and their offspring later in life. Ingvild VattenAlsnesTrondheimNorway2018
Abortion in Burkina Faso : key determinants, costs, and consequencesPatrick Gueswendé Christian IlboudoOsloNorway2015
Abuse against women - Aspect of the reproductive health in women with a lifetime experience of abuse. Anne-MetteSchrollCopenhagen.Denmark2013
Activity restriction and hospitalisation in threatened preterm deliveryJaneBendixCopenhagenDenmark2015
Acupuncture diagnoses and treatment recommendations for infertile and fertile women : a study of inter-rater reliability on diagnosis and treatment recommendation, and an examination of the distribution of acupuncture diagnoses in infertile and fertile women. OddveigBirkefletOsloNorway2016
Acupuncture for labour painLindaVixnerKarolinska Sweden2015
Acupuncture for menopausal symptoms- Development and validation of a patient-reported outcome measure, and the efficacy of acupuncture for bothersome menopausal symptoms. Kamma SundgaardLund CopenhagenDenmark2018
Adenovirus and baculovirus mediated proangiogenic gene therapy in skeletal muscle and uterine artery : safety aspects in peripheral arterial disease and fetal growth restriction therapy. TommiHeikuraEastern FinlandFinland2013
Adherence to medical treatment in relation to pregnancy, birth outcome and breastfeeding behavior among women with Crohns disease. MetteJulsgaardAarhusDenmark2014
Advanced epithelial ovarian cancer – studies on preoperative [18F] FDG PET/CT and HE4 profile during primary chemotherapy. JohannaHynninenTurkuFinland2015
Advanced imaging biomarkers in endometrial cancer. SigmundYtre - HaugeBergenNorway2019
Advanced maternal age, pregnancy and birthReetaLamminpääEastern FinlandFinland2015
Aetiology and treatment of severe postpartum haemorrhageHellenMcKinnon EdwardsCopenhagen
Alcohol consumption among Nepalese women of reproductive age : predictors, anxiety and depression in pregnancy and postpartum periodKrishna KumarAryalOsloNorway2017
Alcohol consumption during pregnancy. Prevalence, predictors and prevention. JannaSkagerströmLinköpingSweden2015
Amniotic fluid biomarkers in the diagnosis of intra-amniotic infection in preterm singleton pregnancies: Association with microbial invasion of the amniotic cavity and histologic chorioamnionitisTarjaMynttiHelsinkiFinland 2017
Analysis of genetic susceptibility to cervical cancer using candidate gene and GWAS approaches. IvanaJuko-PecirepUpssalaSweden2015
Androgen secretion and cardiovascular risk factors in women with and without PCOS: studies on age-related changes and medical interventionJohannaPuurunenOuluFinland2015
Androgens and women’s sexual function and desire - a cross-sectional study of the link between androgens and different aspects of female sexuality using various androgen measures in the field of sexual medicineSarahWåhlin-JacobsenCopenhagenDenmark2017
Angiogenetic and hereditary factors in endometrial disease. EmilAnderssonKarolinska InstitutetSweden2019
Antenatal corticosteroid exposure : studies on neonatal and long term outcomeHannaNorbergKarolinska, StockholmSweden2017
Antenatal hypnosis training- the effect on pain experience, duration of birth and other birth outcomes.AnnetteWernerAarhusDenmark2013
Antenatal lifestyle intervention for limitation of gestational weight gain: the Norwegian Fit for Delivery trialLinda RemeSagedalOsloNorway2017
Antiretroviral therapy for prevention of mother-to-child transmission and treatment of HIV-infected women in Tanzania? Balancing acceptability, accessibility and effectiveness.Zahra PerssonTheilgaardCopenhagenDenmark2013
Anxious personality traits in pregnant women. Associations with postpartum depression, delivery complications and health care use. CathrineAxforsUppsalaSweden2018
Applications of path analysis and functional data analysis in a longitudinal, clinical cohort study of pregnant women and their neonates. Kathrine FreyFrøslieOsloNorway2014
Arteriovenous anastomoses of acral skin : the neglected vessels of pregnancy. Tom WilliamHartgill OsloNorway2013
Aspects of cervical cancer and cervical cancer prevention in the Nordic countries. Bente BraadSanderCopenhagenDenmark2014
Aspects of inflammation, angiogenesis and coagulation in preeclampsiaRolandBoijLinköpingSweden2016
Assessment of foetal heart rate monitoring devices in referral hospitals in Tanzania : towards improved quality of intrapartum care. Benjamin AnathoryKamalaStavangerNorway2019
Assessment of the in vitro efficacy of a VAR2CSA based vaccine to prevent malaria in pregnant womenSisse BolmDitlevCopenhagenDenmark2013
Assisting birth attendants in providing acceptable care under unacceptable clinical realities- the PartoMa Intervention Study at Zanzibars Tertiary Hospital. NannaMaaløeCopenhagenDenmark2019
Association between aMMP‐8 chairside test for chronic periodontitis and selected reproductive health parameters. Solomon OlusegunNwhatorHelsinkiFinland2018
Association of primiparous perineum condition after labor, childbirth experience, pain and sexual healthTarjaMietola-KoivistoTurkuFinland2016
Asthma and infertility- is there an association? Elisabeth JuulGadeCopenhagenDenmark2015
Asthma and pregnancy: possible to prevent complications?- with special reference to the impact of obesity and type of airway inflammation. ZarqaAliCopenhagenDenmark2017
Asthma, anxiety and depression in pregnancy : the impact on pregnancy, delivery and perinatal outcomes. GustafRejnöKarolinska InstituteSweden2018
Audio spectrum analysis of umbilical artery Doppler ultrasound signalsAnnThuringLund Sweden2015
Automated analysis of fetal cardiac function : a new approach based on tissue Doppler imaging. AlexandraHofsjöKarolinska InstituteSweden2018
Awareness of cervical cancer and prevalence of human papillomavirus and other sexually transmitted infections among women in rural NepalSunilaShakyaNorwegian University of Science and Technology, TrondheimNorway2017
Barnafödandets mysterium – en begrundan av vardande och vårdande.[ The mystery of childbirth ‐ a reason for living and caring]. Åsa LarssonVasaFinland2018
Becoming a mother at an advanced age : pregnancy, outcomes, psychological distress, experience of childbirth and satisfaction with life. VigdisAasheimKarolinskaSweden2013
Becoming a Thai teenage parent. AtcharawadeeSriyasakMälardalen Sweden2016
Beyond cesarean overuse’ hospital-based audits of obstetric care and maternal near miss in Tehran, Iran. SoheilaMohammadiUppsalaSweden2016
Bidirectional barbed suture in gynecologic laparoscopy. Jon IvarEinarssonIcelandIceland2013
Biologic therapy during pregnancy in inflammatory bowel disease – clinical epidemiologic aspects. HeidiKammerlanderOdenseDenmark2018
Biological and behavioral determinants of fetal and childhood growth and risk of developing obesityJacob HolterGrundtBergenNorway2017
Biological markers of fertilitySarahNordqvistUppsalaSweden2014
Biomarkers and targeted therapies for ovarian granulosa cell tumors. Ulla-Maija. HaltiaHelsinkiFinland2019
Biomarkers for prediction and characterization of preeclampsia using magnetic resonance metabolomics. MarieAustdalNorwegian University of Science and TechnologyNorway2015
Biomarkers, medical treatment and fetal intrapartum surveillance in intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy. TittaJoutsiniemiTurkuFinland2016
Bipolar umbilical cord occlusion in monochorionic twin pregnancies- Perspectives of short- and long-term outcome. Katrine VasehusSchouCopenhagenDenmark2019
Birth after caesarean sectionMarie Carlsson FagerbergLundSweden2014
Birth asphyxia, fetal scalp blood sampling and risk factors for hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy. LenaLiljeströmUppsalaSweden2018
Birth by vacuum extractionMiaAhlbergKarolinska Sweden2015
Birth characteristics’ impact on future reproduction and morbidity among twins and singletons. MarieBladhLinköping Sweden2015
Birth weight and glucose metabolism in polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). HanneMummSouthern DenmarkDenmark2015
Body composition in women of reproductive age and during pregnancy. Method comparisons and gestational changes. MarjaBosaeusGothenburgSweden2018
Borderline ovarian tumors - Incidence and mortality in DenmarkCharlotte GerdHannibal CopenhagenDenmark2013
Born near the limit of viability – developmental outcomes 2.5 Years laterJohanna MånssonLund Sweden2015
Born small for gestational age: beyond size at birthLindaLindströmUppsalaSweden2019
Breast milk for preterm infants. Mothers’ milk expressing experiences, practices, and coping strategies. RiikkaIkonenTampereFinland2018
Breastfeeding – Initiation, duration, attitudes and experiences. KarinCatoUppsalaSweden2018
Breastfeeding in mothers of preterm infants. Prevalence and effects of support. JennyEricsonUppsalaSweden2018
Breastfeeding patterns and mothers health in an HIV context in Sub Saharan Africa. Eric NagaonléSoméBergenNorway2019
Breastfeeding support: What works? A population‐based pragmatic trial and a multi‐ethnic cohort study. Anne BergljotBærugOsloNorway2018
Breech presentation : Outcome according to the mode of delivery, cardiotocography and childbirth experience. ElliToivonenTempereFinland2018
Breech presentation and delivery in singleton term pregnancies in Finland. Georg MachareyHelsinkiFinland2018
Buildning a midwifery profession in South Asia. MalinBogrenGothenburgSweden2016
Cadiovascular adaptation in pregnancy: Effect of angiotensin II, transverse aorta constriction and high-intensity interval training on pregnant ratsNils ThomasSongstadUiT TromsøNorway2014
Caesarean section. Short- and long-term maternal complicationsSusanneHesselmanUppsalaSweden2017
Cancer risk among women treated with levonorgestrel-releasing intrauterine system or endometrial ablation for heavy menstrual bleedingTuuliSoini HelsinkiFinland 2017
Cardiac disease in pregnancy and consequences for reproductive outcomes, comorbidity and survivalKristinaKernellLinköpingSweden2017
Cardiovascular function in normal pregnancy and fetal growthCharlotteIacobaeusKarolinska, StockholmSweden2017
Cardiovascular health promotion among Nepalese mothers with young children: Need assessment, development, implementation, and impact of the HARDIC trial. NataliaOliGothenburgSweden2018
Cardiovascular risk factors and arterial function after gestational diabetes mellitus : Role of obesity and metabolic syndrome. TiinaVilmi-KeräläTampereFinland2018
Cardiovascular status in long term survivors of lymphomas and malignant ovarian germ cell tumors. KlausMurbraechOsloNorway2016
Carotid artery wall layer dimensions during and after pre-eclampsia. An investigation using non-invasive high frequency ultrasound. TansimAkhterUppsala.Sweden2013
Causes and consequenses of small size at birth : maternal glucose tolerance and vitamin B12 levels in pregnancy, and later brain volumes and cognitive function in the offspring. TormodRogneNorwegian University of Science and Technology Norway2016
Cerebral biomarkers in women with preeclampsiaLinaBergmanUppsalaSweden2017
Cervical and vaginal high-grade cancer precursors – age dependence of human papillomavirus genotypes and alternative management strategies. KaroliinaAroHelsinkiFinland2019
Cervical cancer and older women - why is the incidence so high when HPV prevalence is low? Anne HammerLauridsenAarhusDenmark2016
Cervical cancer risk factors, feasibility and acceptability of visual inspection with acetic acid screening in Khartoum State, Sudan. AhmedIbrahimSouthern DenmarkDenmark2013
Cervical cancer screening among immigrants in Norway : challenges, possibilities and the effect of an intervention. Kathy AinulMøenBergenNorway2019
Cervical cancer studies on prevention and treatmentLottenDarlinLund Sweden2013
Cervical cancer: incidence, screening and prognosis among immigrant women in Sweden. FatimaAzerkanKarolinskaSweden2013
Cervical intraepithelial neoplasia in migrant women living with HIV. ChristinaCarlanderKarolinska InstituteSweden2018
Cesarean delivery and severe obstetric complications in subsequent pregnancies- A Nordic collaborationLotte BerdiinColmornCopenhagenDenmark2017
Cesarean section - short term maternal complications related to the mode of delivery. NanneliPallasmaaTurkuFinlad2014
Challenges and opportunities for sexual and reproductive healthcare services for immigrant women in Sweden. EvaÅkermanUppsalaSweden2019
Challenges for transition into early parenthood : Prenatal depressive symptoms, marital distress, and premature birth of an infantSariAhlqvist-BjörkrothTurkuFinland 2017
Challenges in encouraging and maintaining participation in cervical cancer screening programmes in Romania and Norway. TrudeAndreassenOsloNorway2019
Challenges of transnational parenthood: Exploring different perspectives of surrogacy in Sweden and India. AnnaArvidssonUppsalaSweden2019
Challenges related to HIV and other sexually transmitted infections among pregnant women and linkage of exposed children to treatment and care centres in Tanzania. Mercy GraceChiduoCopenhagenDenmark2014
Changes in smoking behavior during pregnancy: prevalence and effect on selected adverse pregnancy and birth outcomes. The Murmansk County Birth Registry study. Olga AKharkovaTromsøNorway2018
Characterisation of human small antral folliclesJanni VikkelsøJeppesenCopenhagenDenmark2015
Characterization of HPV-induced vaginal and vulvar carcinoma. GabriellaLillsunde-LarssonÖrebro Sweden2014
Characterizing of the vaginal microflora in health and diseaseDatcuRalucaCopenhagenDenmark2013
Characterizing retained placenta: epidemiology and pathophysiology of a critical obstetric disorder. MargitEndlerKarolinska Institute InstituteSweden2016
Childhood body size and associations with prostate and endometrial cancer risks and adult body size. JulieAarestrupCopenhagenDenmark2016
Chinese women living with cervical cancer- Health-related Quality of Life, Sense of Coherence, lived experienceYanDingLund Sweden2013
Chlamydia trachomatis and reproductive health. Faculty of MedicineTiinaRantsiHelsinkiFinland2019
Chronic inflammatory disease and its treatment during pregnancy. GabriellaBrömsKarolinska Sweden2015
Chronic pelvic pain persisting after childbirth: diagnosis and implications for treatment. ThomasTorstenssonUppsalaSweden2014
Claims for compensation after alleged birth injury in Norway. A study of obstetric claims to the Norwegian System of Compensation to Patients from 1994-2008. StineAndreasenUiT The Arctic University of NorwayNorway2015
Clinical and molecular markers in endometrial cancer: studying prognostic and predictive biomarkers that can help to individualise therapeutic decisions. Henrica Maria JohannaWernerBergenNorway2014
Clinical aspects of childbirth-related anxiety. KatriNieminenLinköpingSweden2016
Clinical characteristics and prognosis of peripartum cardiomyopathy. Kamilu MusaKarayeUmeåSweden2016
Clinical grade vitrification of human ovarian tissue for fertility preservation. MonaSheikhiKarolinska Sweden2013
Closing the quality gap: investigating health system bottlenecks and quality improvement strategies for maternal and newborn care in Sub Saharan Africa, focusing on TanzaniaUlrikaBakerKarolinska StockholmSweden2017
Colonization with group B streptococci during pregnancy and labor.Mohammed Rohi El CheikhKhalilOdenseDenmark2018
Comparison of GnRH antagonist and agonist protocol in assisted reproductive technology- Risk of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome, live birth rates and quality of life in women referred for their first ART treatmentAnne Mette ToftagerLarsenCopenhagenDenmark2017
Comparison of high- and low-LET radioimmunotherapy in HER-2 positive carcinomas.Nasir AbbasOsloNorway2013
Complicated vacuum extraction : focus on traction force. KristinaPetterssonKarolinska InstituteSweden2018
Computer image analysis as a diagnostic tool in female genital schistosomiasisSigveHolmenOsloNorway2017
Congenital heart defects in Norway : a nation-wide study of birth prevalence, maternal diabetes, and folic acid supplementation in pregnancy. Faculty ElisabethLeirgulBergenNorway2016
Congenital heart defects in Norway : a nationwide study of Down syndrome, maternal preeclampsia, and sibling recurrence risk, 1994‐2009. Kristoffer MyrstadBrodwallBergenNorway2018
Congenital upper limb defects in Finland 1993-2005EevaKoskimiesTurkuFinland2015
Consequences of rape : injuries, posttraumatic stress and neuroendocrinological changes. AnnaTiihonen MöllerKarolinska Sweden2015
Considering a Baby? Responsible Screening for the Future: Ethical and social implications for implementation and use of preconception expanded carrier screening in Sweden. AmalMatarUppsalaSweden2019
Context-related biomarkers in endometrial cancer: a study with focus on obesity and genomic alterations Karen KlepslandMaulandBergenNorway2017
Continuity or change? Improved understanding of attitudes towards female genital cutting after migration from Somalia to SwedenAnnaWahlbergUppsala Sweden2017
Continuous glucose monitoring in pregnant women with diabetes - Intermittent use in a randomized controlled trialAnna LiljaSecherCopenhagenDenmark2013
Continuous intrapartum maternal and fetal temperature monitoringTonyLavessonLund Sweden2017
Contraception and unplanned pregnancies. HelenaHognertGothenburgSweden2018
Contraception in women with obesity with special reference to gastric bypass surgery. CharlotteGinstmanLinköpingSweden2019
Contraceptive counselling in abortion care. HelenaKilanderLinköpingSweden2018
Contribution of autopsy, placental examination and molecular techniques in explaining fetal death. Bente EdiassenOpsjønTrondheimNorway2018
Control of sexually transmitted infections in a high prevalence region : HIV, syphilis and HBV among young adults and preparation for HIV vaccine trials in Mozambique. NelsonTembeKarolinska Institute Sweden2016
Couples experiences of an extended information visit about prenatal screening: decision making and satisfaction. IngerWätterbjörkÖrebroSweden2014
CSi - The Copenhagen Self-sampling Initiative - human papillomavirus-based self-sampling to optimize cervical cancer screeningJanni Uyen HoaLamCopenhagenDenmark2017
Culture and vitrification of human preembryosFredwellHambilikiKarolinskaSweden2014
Danish transsexual individuals- A study of sociodemography, psychiatric and somatic morbidity and mortality. Rikke KildevældSimonsenCopenhagenDenmark2016
Delayed labour - risk factors, use of oxytocin and outcomesLottaSelinGothenburgSweden2018
Depression among women and men in fertility treatment - Risk factors for depression and infertility-related distress. Camilla SandalSejbækCopenhagenDenmark2015
Depression, suicide and hormonal contraception.Charlotte WesselSkovlundCopenhagenDenmark2017
Depressive symptoms among mothers and fathers in early parenthoodBirgittaKerstisUpssalaSweden2015
Depressive symptoms in pregnant and postpartum women. The role of ethnicity, level of integration, and physical activity—the STORK–Groruddalen population-based cohort studyNilamShakeelOsloNorway2019
Development and validation of a structured curriculum in basic laparoscopy- A four-step model.JeanettStrandbygaardDenmark2013
Development of electronic medical record systems for maternal health services in rural settings : an action research study from Malawi. Marlen StaceyChawaniOsloNorway2014
Developmental origins of disease : influence of low birth weight and maternal vitamin A and D status on offspring skeletal health and metabolic outcomes at adulthood. Chandima N.D. BalasuriyaTrondheimNorway2018
Diabetes in pregnancy and epigenetic mechanisms: How the first 9 months of life may affect the child´s DNA and later risk of disease. Line HjortCopenhagenDenmark2018
Diabetes in pregnancy and offspring risk of metabolic disease- Potential underlying epigenetic mechanismsAzadehHoushmand-ØregaardCopenhagenDenmark2017
Diabetes, preeclampsia and infant death: The associations with placental weight. JohanneDypvikOsloNorway2019
Diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic aspects of endometrial stromal sarcomas, low grade and undifferentiated endometrial sarcoma. WeiweiFengBergen Norway2013
Diet and pregnancy healthElisabeth RudjordHillesundAgderNorway2015
Diet and probiotics during pregnancy - endorsing developmental programmingSannaVähämikoTurkuFinland2016
Diet quality and its association with gestational diabetes mellitusJelenaMeiniläHelsinkiFinland 2017
Dietary change, obesity, and metabolic markers in pregnancy : studies in women at risk for gestational diabetes mellitus. AnitaValkamaHelsinkiFinland2019
Dietary patterns in Norwegian women aged 50-69 yearsMarianne SkovMarkussenOsloNorway2016
Differentiated birth care for low-risk women : medical and economic perspectives. Stine BernitzTromsøNorway2013
Digital pulse wave analysis of maternal arterial stiffness in pregnancy. Emmavon WowernLundSweden2018
Dignity and indignity experienced by immigrant women on long-term sick leave: a qualitative studyLineNortvedtOsloNorway2017
Disclosing the invisible experiences, outcomes and quality of endometriosis healthcare. HannaGrundströmLinköpingSweden2018
Discrepancy between pregnancy dating methods – correlates and outcomes. Merit KullingerUppsalaSweden2018
DNA methylation in placenta and cancer with special reference to folate genes. SanjaFarkasÖrebroSweden2014
Does vitamin D correlate to placental and hypertensive diseases of pregnancy? Louise BjørkholtAndersenSouthern DenmarkDenmark2016
Doing Pregnancy, the Unborn, and the Maternity Healthcare Institution.RiikkaHomanenTampereFinland2013
Domestic violence and pregnancy in Nepal ‐ Perceptions, prevalence, birth preparedness and perinatal outcomes. Kunta DeviPunTrondheimNorway2018
Domestic violence and pregnancy in Nepal: Developing and evaluating interventions in antenatal care to improve the safety of women. PoonamRishalTrondheimNorway2018
Down to the roots: unearthing the root causes of maternal deaths- a case study in the district of Lilongwe, MalawiViva CombsThorsenOsloNorway2013
Drug information in pregnancy : attitudes and needs among pregnant women and physicians. Sofie FrostWidnesBergenNorway2013
Drugs with potential chemopreventive properties in relation to epithelial ovarian cancer - a nationwide case-control study. Louise OhlhuesBaandrupCopenhagenDenmark2015
Dynamic assessment of the early embryo - improving embryo selection for transferAntoninoAzzarelloCopenhagenDenmark2017
Dynamic functional assessment of maternal hemodynamics in human pregnancy. Åse LillianVårtunArctic University of Norway Norway2016
Early diagnosis of epithelial ovarian cancer - analysis of novel biomarkers.BjörgKristjánsdóttirSahlgrenska Sweden2013
Early pregnancy diagnostics. Biochemical development, risc factors and prediction of miscarriage in the first trimester. Ulla BrethKnudsenAarhusDenmark2019
Early provision of intrauterine contraception after first trimester induced abortion – complications, adherence to post-abortion care, recovery and risk of subsequent abortion during the first year. ElinaPohjorantaHelsinki. Finland2019
Early stage cervical cancer - aspects of staging, treatment planning and surveillance. KatrineFuglsangAarhusDenmark2019
Eating disorders in pregnancy and postpartum : a population-based longitudinal pregnancy cohort study. CecilieKnophOsloNorway2013
Economic analysis of results‐based financing in Malawi : strengthening the evidence base for alternative maternal and perinatal healthcare funding. JobibaChinkhumbaBergenNorway2018
Economic evaluation and equity impact analysis of interventions for maternal and child health in Tanzania : evidence for fair and efficient priority setting. George MugambageRuhagoBergenNorway2015
Education and fertility: A study on patterns and mechanisms among men and women in Finland. JessicaNisénHelsinkiFinland2016
Effect of Home Based Life Saving Skills education on knowledge of obstetric danger signs, birth preparedness, utilization of skilled care and male involvement. A community-based intervention study in rural Tanzania. FurahaAugustUppsalaSweden2016
Effect of manipulating cAMP in cells from ovarian follicles using protein inhibitorsTonny Studsgaard PetersenCopenhagenDenmark2014
Effect of ovarian surgery on ovarian reserve and fertilityTeklaLindKarolinska Sweden2015
Effects of civil war on maternal and child health care in sub-Saharan Africa. Christin MOrmhaugNoragricNorway2014
Effects of delayed versus early cord clamping on healthy term infantsOlaAnderssonUppsalaSweden2013
Effects of endocrine disrupting chemicals on human endometrial endothelial cells in vitro.MalinHelmestamUppsalaSweden2013
Effects of human papillomavirus-specific immunity on the outcome of HPV infections in women. AnnaPaasoTurkuFinland2016
Effects of in vitro fertilization on thrombosis and haemostasis and the relationship between infertility and cardiovascular diseaseEliWesterlundKarolinskaSweden2013
Effects of increased levels of androgens on voice and vocal folds in women with congenital adrenal hyperplasia and female-to-male transsexual personsUlrikaNygrenKarolinska Sweden2014
Effects of lifestyle counselling on cardiometabolic risk factors : Overweight professional drivers and postpartum women at increased risk for gestational diabetesJattaPuhkalaTampereFinland 2017
Effects of lignocaine in endometriosis: a clinical and cellular investigation. KarinWickströmKarolinskaSweden2014
Effects of perinatal distress, satisfaction in partner relationship and social support on pregnancy and outcome of childbirth. Sigridur SiaJonsdottirVäxjöSweden2019
Effects of postmenopausal hot flushes and hormone therapy on quality of life and cardiovascular autonomic function. HannaHautamäkiHelsinkiFinland2014
Effects of pregnancy and hormones on T cell immune regulation in multiple sclerosis. SandraHellbergLinköpingSweden2019
Effects of the hypoxia response on metabolism in atherosclerosis and pregnancyJenniMäättäOuluFinland2019
Effects of violent conflict on women and children. Sexual behaviour, fertility, and infant mortality in Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. ElinaElveborg LindskogStockholmSweden2016
Effects on male reproductive function of phthalates and other environmental xenobiotics in humans. Ina OlmerSpechtCopenhagenDenmark2015
Efficacy and safety of transplantation of cryopreserved human ovarian tissue. TineGreveCopenhagenDenmark2013
Embryo-derived proteins in pluripotency and differentiation - Can proteins involved in early embryonic development improve culture conditions for pluripotent stem cells and early embryos after IVF? Pernille LinnertJensenCopenhagenDenmark2014
En fadervenlig neonatalafdeling – hvilken betydning har den? [A father-friendly neonatal department - what does it mean?]BettyNørgaardSouthern Denmark, OdenseDenmark2017
En god kræft? [A good cancer?]. AnneSideniusOdenseDenmark2018
Endocrine and paracrine factors related to pregnancy and infertility. Karolinska Frida HosseiniAkramKarolinska InstitutetSweden2019
Endocrine markers of ovarian function: clinical and biological aspects with focus on anti-Müllerian hormone. LeifBungum. Lund Sweden2013
Endometrial receptivity and human embryo implantation : in vivo and in vitro studies.SujataLalit KumarKarolinskaSweden2013
Endometrial thermal ablation: a choice for treatment of heavy menstrual bleeding. SariAhonkallioOuluFinland2013
Endometriosis: involvement of stem cells and clinical impact. KarinAndersson Di ClaudioKarolinska Institute InstituteSweden2016
Endometriosis: its effect on women undergoing in vitro fertilization treatment. Hans KristianOpøienOsloNorway2014
Enhanced recovery after hysterectomyLenaWijkÖrebroSweden2017
Epidemiological studies of physical activity and female reproductive health. Sigridur LaraGudmundsdottirNTNU TrondheimNorway2013
Epidemiological studies of preeclampsia maternal & offspring perspectivesJóhannaGunnarsdóttirUppsala Sweden2017
Epidemiological studies of sexuality in old age. NilsBeckmanGothenburgSweden2015
Epidemiological studies of vacuum extraction delivery : incidence, risk factors and subsequent childbearing. CharlotteElvanderKarolinska Sweden2014
Epidemiological, clinical, and prognostic factors in adult-type ovarian granulosa cell tumorsSaara BrykHelsinkiFinland 2017
Epidemiology of cervical cancer and high risk of HPV infection with a focus on Arkhangelsk City and County, Northwest Russia. Elena EvgenievnaRoikTromsøNorway2019
Epidemiology of urinary incontinence in women, with emphasis on diabetes as a risk factor.Marit Helen EbbesenBergenNorway2013
Epigenetic markers for cell-free fetal DNA in the maternal plasma – possible use in noninvasive prenatal testing. LotteHattSouthern DenmarkDenmark2015
Episiotomy practice in Palestine : rates, indications and impact of an educational program in six hospitals. KaledZimmoOsloNorway2018
Etiopathogenesis and treatment of localized provoked vulvodyniaPäiviTommolaHelsinkiFinland 2017
Evaluating the urethral closure mechanism after pelvic organ prolapse surgeryYasmineKhayyamiCopenhagenDenmark2017
Evaluation of sociodemographic, reproductive and screening-related factors on risk of and survival from cervical cancer in rural south IndiaJissaVinoda ThulaseedharanTampereFinland 2017
Examining the link between maternal nutrition, gestational weight gain, and later offspring healthLaufeyHrólfsdóttirReykjavikIceland2018
Excessive iodine status among refugee women and children from Western Sahara : possible impact on thyorid function and developmental statusIngerAakreBergenNorway2017
Exercise training during pregnancy for overweight and obese women : a randomized controlled trialKirsti KrohnGarnæsNorwegian University of Science and Technology, TrondheimNorway2017
Experiences of counselling on physical activity during pregnancy gestational diabetes mellitus -screening and pregnancy outcomes. MariaLindqvistUmeåSweden2016
Experiences of IVF - from a patient perspectiveHerborgHolterSahlgrenskaSweden2014
Experiences of miscarriage. CarolineJanssonUppsalaSweden2018
Experiences of the prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV program in Southern Africa: a three country qualitative studyLeilaKatirayi BergenNorway2017
Exploring the role of mesenchymal stromal cells in endometriosisFawazAbomarayKarolinska InstituteSweden2018
Exposure to air pollution during pregnancy and health risks for mother and childEbbaMalmqvistLund Sweden2014
Exposure to air pollution in the work and residential environment during pregnancy and adverse birth effects. FilipNorlénKarolinska Institutet, Sweden2019
Exposure to antidepressants during pregnancy - prevalences and outcomes. Espen JimenezSolemCopenhagenDenmark2013
Exposure to domestic violence during pregnancy : impact on outcome, midwives’ awareness, women´s experience and prevalence in the south of Sweden. HafrúnFinnbogadóttirMalmö Sweden2014
Expression of carbonic anhydrases II, IX and XII in the normal female reproductive tract, gynecological tumors and lynch syndrome. PirittaHynninenTampereFinland2014
Expression of hyaluronan synthases and hyaluronidases in gynecological malignancies. Timo KNykoppEastern FinlandFinland2015
Extra vitamin D from food fortification and preeclampsiaMariaStougaardSouthern Denmark, OdenseDenmark2017
Facing the negative impact of cancer treatment on fertility :fertility-related communication and reproductive concerns following a cancer diagnosis. GabrielaArmuandKarolinska Sweden2015
Factors associated with having the first baby at an advanced age. Anne Britt VikaNilsenStockholmSweden2014
Factors associated with placental weight. Ellen MarieStrøm-RoumOsloNorway2016
Factors of importance for labor induction. ToveWallströmKarolinska InstituteSweden2018
Fear of childbirth. HannaRouheHelsinkiFinland2015
Female circumcision at home and away : attitudes toward the practice among Somali immigrants in Oslo, Norway, and their corresponding group in Hargeisa and Galkaayo, Somalia. Abdi AliGeleOsloNorway2013
Female genital mutilation in Sierra Leone. OwolabiBjälkanderKarolinska Sweden2013
Female pelvic floor disorders – outcome after mesh-augmented procedures and studies on vaginal connective tissue. PiaHeinonenTurkuFinland2015
Female pelvic floor surgery: long-term outcome of the tension-free vaginal tape procedure and the diagnostic value of occult incontinence testing. RuneSvenningsenOsloNorway2014
Female urinary incontinence. A study on heredity, urodynamic and hormonal factors and the evaluation of a novel surgical technique.Maria AndradaLundSweden2013
Fertility preservation in young girls with cancerAnnette KlüverJensenCopenhagenDenmark2017
Fertility treatment: long-term growth and mental development of the children. Bjørn BayAarhusDenmark2014
Fetal cardiac function and venous circulation. experiences with velocity vector imaging. Charlotte DahlbäckLundSweden2015
Fetal death : population-based studies of pregnancies in NorwayAshi SarfrazAhmadOsloNorway2014
Fetal death: high maternal age at childbirth and the placenta. Camilla HaavaldsenOsloNorway2014
Fetal effects of maternal drug treatment. Risk assessment and communicationUlrikaNörbyLund Sweden2017
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Inflammation by pattern recognition receptors in the uterine wall decidua and the placenta of normal and preeclamptic pregnancies Gabriela Brettas SilvaNTNU TrondheimNorway2020
Polycystic ovary syndrome Long-term metabolic and respiratory health Maria Othelie UnderdalNTNU TrondheimNorway2020
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Vulnerability and risk among victims and suspects in sexual assault and rape  Bjarte Frode VikNTNU TrondheimNorway2020
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Physical activity during pregnancy and its effects on postprandial glucoseMette Smith BisgaardAarhus Danmark2020
Alcohol risk drinking in pregnancy: Associated outcomes and identification. Louise Katrine Kjær WeileCopenhagenDanmark2020
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Human leukocyte antigen class Ib in reproduction : the influence of HLA-G and HLA-F genetics on fertility and pregnancy. LineNilssonCopenhagenDanmark2020
Early life body size and change in body mass index from childhood to pregnancy : associations with pre-eclampsia, gestational diabetes and preterm birth. Dorthe Corfitzen PedersenCopenhagenDanmark2020
dentification of ovulation related genes and pathways in human follicles at different stages of oocyte maturation Liv la Cour PoulsenCopenhagenDanmark2020
Supplementation with fish oil and vitamin D in pregnancy and neurodevelopment in childhoodLærke Louise Reeberg SassCopenhagenDanmark2020
Medicalisation in pregnancy and childbirth : unintended consequences of interventionsEva RydahlAarhus Danmark2020
Insulin sensitivity during pregnancy and postpartumGitte Øskov SkajaaAarhus Danmark2020
Magnesium sulfate in preterm birth: clinical practice patterns and neuroprotection Hanne Trap WolfCopenhagenDanmark2020
Use of ultrasound to describe descent and rotation of the fetal head in spontaneous nulliparous labors Hulda HjartardóttirIcelandIceland2021
Cervical and vaginal cancer - aspects on risk factors, prevention and treatment EmiliaAlfonzoGothenburg Sweden2021
Management of late term pregnancy MårtenAlkmarkGothenburg Sweden2021
Principles of scaffold generation for bioengineering of the ovary and uterus: a study focusing on decellularization Ahmed BakerAlshaikhGothenburg Sweden2021
Behavioral and biological factors related to HIV transmission among female sex workers in Ethiopia Minilik DemissieAmogneLund Sweden2021
How is ADHD associated with comorbidities and health related outcomes? : The role of familial factors and ADHD during pregnancyAnneliAnderssonÖrebro Sweden2021
Adenomyosis : imaging features for diagnosing the disease and treatment effects of bromocriptine Johanna AnderssonKarolinska InstituteSweden2021
Cancer stem cells and homologous recombination deficiency in serous ovarian and endometrial carcinoma MariaBååthLund Sweden2021
Surveillance of late fetal growth restriction and outcome after late preterm birthAnna BonnevierLund Sweden2021
Fewer kids : not always by choice - the link between endocrine-disrupting chemicals and female reproductive health  Richelle Duque BjörvangKarolinska InstituteSweden2021
Obesity, weight reduction treatment and IVF SnorriEinarssonGothenburg Sweden2021
Oncologic and reproductive outcome and Quality of Life after robot-assisted surgery for early stage cervical cancer. Evaluation of radical hysterectomy and radical trachelectomyLinneaEkdahlLund Sweden2021
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Polycystic ovary syndrome in a lifetime perspective MariaForslundGothenburg Sweden2021
Life course determinants of women’s health : from reproductive age to menopause Menghan GaoKarolinska InstituteSweden2021
Beyond exhaustion and pain : the intertwinement of health and suffering among women and mothers  Anja Janine GebhardtKarolinska InstituteSweden2021
Antisecretory factor in the perinatal period Anna GustafssonKarolinska InstituteSweden2021
A meaningful work in a strained context - exploring midwives' work situation and professional roleMalinHanssonGothenburg Sweden2021
Novel in vitro methods aiming at improving fertility preservation Xia HaoKarolinska InstituteSweden2021
Provoked vestibulodynia : evaluation of a treatment modality and early life health Philip HaraldsonKarolinska InstituteSweden2021
Self-sampling by elderly women for the detection of HPV and cervical dysplasia. Ruth SHermanssonUppsala Sweden2021
Human papillomavirus as a target for cancer prevention Maria HortlundKarolinska InstituteSweden2021
Secondary tools to cardiotocography for fetal monitoring during laborLindaIorizzoLund Sweden2021
Mechanisms for immune escape in epithelial ovarian cancerPernillaIsraelssonUmeå Sweden2021
Effects of insulin on the decidualization of human endometrial stromal cells : in vitro studies Ivika JaksonKarolinska InstituteSweden2021
Fertility-sparing surgery in young women with ovarian cancer and borderline ovarian tumors Gry JohansenKarolinska InstituteSweden2021
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Surgical complications after vaginal and caesarean deliveryCharlottaLarssonUmeå Sweden2021
Individualized management in term pregnancies. Action point decisions based on gestational duration considering parity and BMILinaLindegrenLund Sweden2021
Robotic surgery for endometrial cancerAnnaLindforsGothenburg Sweden2021
Peripheral immunity in patients with autoimmune endocrine diseases and the influence of physiological adaptions during pregnancyLouiseMagnussonUppsala Sweden2021
Optimization of intermittent preventive therapy for malaria during pregnancy : effectiveness of dihydroartemisinin-piperaquine versus sulfadoxine-pyrimethamine  Eulambius Mathias MluguKarolinska InstituteSweden2021
Receptor tyrosine kinase signaling and extracellular matrix cues in ovarian cancer metastasis and drug resistance Lidia Moyano GalceranKarolinska InstituteSweden2021
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Cesarean section. impact on postpartum recovery, subsequent pregnancy and delivery. EkaterinaNedopekinaLund Sweden2021
Before being born : studies on preconception health and unplanned pregnancies in low- and high-income settingsJennyNiemeyer HultstrandUppsala Sweden2021
Female fertility and bariatric surgery - Getting past the wall? EmmaNilsson-CondoriLund Sweden2021
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Tissue engineering for novel female infertillity treatments: studies on small and large animal modelsArvind MPadmaGothenburg Sweden2021
The effect of a progesterone receptor modulator on the endometrium and breast in premenopausal women Kiriaki PapaikonomouKarolinska InstituteSweden2021
Obesity in obstetric care : Consequences and risk predictionHeiðrúnPétursdóttir MaackUppsala Sweden2021
Health and welfare among Thai migrant women in Sweden : Lived experiences of transnational marriage migration. A dissertation in caring science WeeratiPongthippatMälardalen Sweden2021
Sexual violence : epidemiology, treatment and health care access Gita RajanKarolinska InstituteSweden2021
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Inflammatory arthritis and pregnancy Katarina RemaeusKarolinska InstituteSweden2021
Women’s health in midlife - a person-centered approach in primary care -effects on mental, somatic, and urogenital symptoms, and quality of lifeLenaRindnerGothenburg Sweden2021
Maternal death surveillance and response in Tanzania : Challenges to successful implementation. AliSaidUppsala Sweden2021
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Prevention, incidence, and survival of cervical cancer in Sweden AvalonSundqvistLund Sweden2021
Prediction of spontaneous preterm birth : clinical and immunological aspects MariaSvenvikLinköping Sweden2021
Polycystic ovary syndrome and pregnancy : prenatal exposures and pregnancy complications HeiddisValgeirsdóttirUppsala Sweden2021
Chlamydia trachomatis infection in Sweden : time trends, risk factors, and prevalence Inga VeličkoKarolinska InstituteSweden2021
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Hereditary, molecular and prognostic factors in endometrial cancer Ofra Castro WersällKarolinska InstituteSweden2021
Deficient bodies and divine interventions : women, midwives, and the medicalisation of childbirth - a gender perspective. AgnetaWestergrenUmeå Sweden2021
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Gestational diabetes : screening, diagnosis and consequencesSannaEteläinenOulu Finland2021
ENDOMET database – A means to identify novel diagnostic and prognostic tools for endometriosis Michael GabrielTurkuFinland2021
Improving shoulder function in brachial plexus birth injuryPetraGrahn-ShaharHelsinkiFinland2021
Prenatal detection of univentricular heart and transposition of the great arteries in FinlandJohannaHautalaHelsinkiFinland2021
Metformin, metabolomics and inflammation in gestational diabetes Mikael HuhtalaTurkuFinland2021
Cervical cancer screening participation among women of migrant origin in Finland : disparities, challenges, and opportunities for improvement. Esther EIdehenEastern Finland Finland2021
Genetic risk of pre-eclampsia : maternal and fetal studies in a population isolate. TeaKaartokallioHelsinkiFinland2021
Preterm birth and cardiovascular risk factors in young adulthoodRisto KarvonenOuluFinland2021
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Role of placental transporters in fetal exposure to toxic environmental chemicalsMariaKummuEastern FinlandFinland2021
Constipation and pain management after spine surgery and in pregnancy and postpartum. MoonaKuronenEastern FinlandFinland2021
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Association between perinatal and childhood risk factors with mental disorders in adolescenceSari LukkariOuluFinland2021
Non-traditional risk factors for gestational diabetes mellitus : impact on prevalence and offspring birthweightSenjaMasalinHelsinkiFinland2021
Association of biochemical markers with pre-eclampsiaKatjaMurtoniemiHelsinkiFinland2021
Infertility among married women in rural Ghana : cultural contexts and individual’s lived experiences. DorcasOfosu-BuduEastern FinlandFinland2021
Molecular profiling of endometrial carcinoma : closing in on personalized medicineAnnukkaPasanenHelsinkiFinland2021
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Epithelial ovarian cancer and angiogenesis: biomarker and gene therapy studyMinnaSopoEastern Finland Finland2021
Associations between prenatal and early life stress and physical and mental health outcomes in prospective pregnancy and birth cohorts of children, adolescents and older adults : the role of epigenetics and geneticsAnnaSuarez FigueiredoHelsinkiFinland2021
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Maternal thyroid dysfunction in pregnancy : prevalence and effect on perinatal outcome. Suvi TurunenOuluFinland2021
Real-life experience with the use of HPV tests in cervical cancer screening and in triage of equivocal cytological results OlgaVeijalainenTampere Finland2021
Maternal overweight in pregnancy and offspring health outcomes in late adulthood. AnnaWestbergHelsinkiFinland2021
Twin birth : prognosis of newborn and mother, and maternal experience ElinaYlilehtoTampere Finland2021
Medicinal plants and pharmaceutical medicines use in pregnant and lactating women in EthiopiaSeid Mussa AhmedOsloNorway2021
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Evidence in practice: The case of lesbian health invisibilities in Brazil CarolinaRau Borges SteuernagelOsloNorway2021
Caesarean sections in Sierra Leone an evaluation in the light of the lancet global surgery indicators Aalke Johanvan DuinenNTNU TrondheimNorway2021
Antiretroviral therapy in pregnancy: Role of ART in adverse pregnancy outcome, infant growth and maternal health Yohannes Ejigu TsehayOsloNorway2021
Intimate partner violence in pregnancy in Ethiopia Bosena Tebeje GashawOsloNorway2021
Navigating a contested field. Reproductive health and NGO practices in Malawi. Maren Olene KlosterOsloNorway2021
The use of nicotine products and effects of snus in pregnancy Ina KreybergOsloNorway2021
he effects of high-intensity interval training on adipose tissue pathophysiology, reproductive and metabolic health in women with polycystic ovary syndrome  Sofie Buurgaard LionettNTNU TrondheimNorway2021
The prevalence, implications, and clinical course of pregnancy-related pelvic girdle pain  Stefan MalmqvistStavangerNorway2021
The role of the oocyte epigenome in the acquisition of meiotic competence and early embryo development Adeel ManafOsloNorway2021
Urinary and colorectal-anal distress in women - prevalence, risk factors and effect of pelvic floor muscle exercise in women with pelvic organ prolapse Seema MathewNTNU TrondheimNorway2021
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Fetal blood flow adjustments related to maternal nutritional status and food intake. Gun Lisbet OpheimOsloNorway2021
Claims for compensation from gynecological patients - what can we learn?  Merethe RavloNTNU TrondheimNorway2021
Clinical outcome of patients with endometrial cancer in Norway after omission of radiotherapy and the evaluation of L1CAM as a prognostic factor Elisabeth SmogeliOsloNorway2021
Correlation between prenatal ultrasound and postmortem findings in fetuses with congenital anomalies CamillaStruksnæsNTNU TrondheimNorway2021
Antiretroviral therapy in pregnancy: Role of ART in adverse pregnancy outcome, infant growth and maternal healthYohannes Ejigu TsehayOslo Norway2021
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Vaginal cancer and precursor lesions: Investigating incidence, etiology and survival with a focus on the role of HPV Hanna Kristina BertoliCopenhagenDenmark2021
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Meeting the need of the family: An ethnographic study on the care experiences of parents in vulnerable positions during pregnancy and the postnatal periodMarianne StristrupFrederiksenAalborg Denmark2021
Low birthweight: Definition, screening and predictionDitte NymarkHansenAalborg Denmark2021
Participation of immigrants and descendants in cervical cancer prevention in DenmarkRasmus Hertzum-LarsenCopenhagenDenmark2021
Potential drug-induced thromboses in reproductive-aged women Amani MeaidiCopenhagenDenmark2021
Short- and long-term health in children born after assisted reproductive technology Anne Lærke Spangmose PedersenCopenhagenDenmark2021
Surgery during pregnancy – risk and prognosisAnne StaubRasmussenAarhus Denmark2021
The effects of high dose preoperative glucocorticoids for early postoperative recovery K. J.SteinthorsdottirCopenhagenDenmark2021
DNA fragmentation in spermatozoa : the effect on pregnancy ratesAnne SofieSvane Strange RexOdense Denmark2021
A novel technique combining transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation with external tocography for personalized automated labor pain control KenojaThuvarakanAalborg Denmark2021
Preimplantation genetic testing: assessment and improvement of clinical practice Christian Liebst FriskToftAalborg Denmark2021
Assessment of nutritional biomarkers in pregnant women and associations with gestational diabetesEllen AlmaTryggvadóttirIcelandIceland2022
Studies on human papillomavirus (HPV) and other markers in the development and prognosis of HPV associated cancer Andreas Ährlund-RichterKarolinska InstiuteSweden2022
Pelvic floor dysfunction in nulliparous womenJwanAl-Mukhtar OthmanGothenburgSweden2022
To cut or not to cut? Episiotomy in vacuum extraction Victoria AnkarcronaKarolinska InstiuteSweden2022
Advanced Ovarian Cancer. A multimodal diagnostic approach to predict outcomeMihaela AspLundSweden2022
Continous parental care models after elective caesarean section : effects on infants’ wellbeing, onset of breastfeeding, and on gender equal parenting Ana EdithAyala GonzálezKarolinska InstiuteSweden2022
Modern contraceptive use among female refugee adolescents in northern Uganda : prevalence, effect of peer counselling, adherence, and experiences Ritah BakesiimaKarolinska InstiuteSweden2022
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Contraceptive counseling and use with a focus on migrant women in Sweden Karin Emtell IwarssonKarolinska InstiuteSweden2022
Carcinoma of the uterine cervix: aspects on preoperative staging and assessment of treatment effect using magnetic resonance imaging Susanne FridstenKarolinska InstiuteSweden2022
Different aspects of electronic fetal monitoring during labor Erika GyllencreutzKarolinska InstiuteSweden2022
Implementation of strategies for management and prevention of sexually transmitted infections with focus on Neisseria gonorrhoeae and Chlamydia trachomatisRonzaHadadÖrebro Sweden2022
Internet-based treatment for vulvodyniaAndrea Hess EngströmUppsalaSweden2022
Pelvic floor dysfunction and perineal and vaginal tears in primiparous women MarkusJanssonÖrebro Sweden2022
Women giving birth at an advanced age and their children : obstetric and neonatal outcomes, health and social support. MalinLindell PetterssonLinköping Sweden2022
Safe labor : reappraisal of labor duration and management for safe maternal and infant outcome Louise LundborgKarolinska InstiuteSweden2022
Lifelong antiretroviral treatment for the prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV in routine healthcare in Tanzania, what works?  Goodluck Willey LyatuuKarolinska InstiuteSweden2022
Mental health in women with polycystic ovary syndrome Mattias MånssonKarolinska InstiuteSweden2022
Ovarian carcinoma - early detection and prognostication. Laura Martin de la FuenteLundSweden2022
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Chronic pain related to childbirth : Prevalence, characteristics, women's experiences about its impact and support from healthcare Beata MolinKarolinska InstiuteSweden2022
The effect of a text-messaging intervention on retention in care for women living with HIV and their infants in Kenya Björn NordbergKarolinska InstiuteSweden2022
Effects of lifestyle intervention in overweight women with polycystic ovary syndrome : aspects on reproduction, metabolism, psychological well-being and sleep Emma ÖbergKarolinska InstiuteSweden2022
Centralized ovarian cancer care - complications, costs and survival. Charlotte PalmqvistGothenburgSweden2022
Data analysis for discovering the protein profile dynamics of the human ovarian follicular fluid and BRAF mutated metastatic melanoma tissueIndira Pla ParadaLund Sweden2022
HPV and potential prognostic markers in primary vaginal carcinoma Cecilia RanhemKarolinska InstiuteSweden2022
Prognostic factors in endometrial cancer  Zoia RazumovaKarolinska InstiuteSweden2022
Traction force and long-term outcome in children born after vacuum-assisted delivery Stefhanie RomeroKarolinska InstiuteSweden2022
Pelvic floor dysfunction after childbirth : symptoms, diagnosis, treatment Emilia RotsteinKarolinska InstiuteSweden2022
HealthyMoms : a smartphone application to promote healthy weight gain, diet and physical activity during pregnancy : a randomized controlled trial Johanna SandborgKarolinska InstiuteSweden2022
Maternal obesity and offspring metabolic outcomes : focus on sex differences  Christina SavvaKarolinska InstiuteSweden2022
Defining the potential of mesothelin-directed CAR T cells for the treatment of ovarian cancer Esther SchoutropKarolinska InstiuteSweden2022
Screening immigrant mothers for postpartum depression. Development and feasibility of an educational Intervention for nurses in the child health services. Malin SkoogLund Sweden2022
Pelvic pain due to endometriosis and dysmenorrhea Lisa SödermanKarolinska InstiuteSweden2022
Immunological aspects of latent tuberculosis infection during pregnancyFregenet Tesfaye TegegnLund Sweden2022
Capacity development for healthcare systems in low- and middle-income countries. Assessing the effectiveness of an advanced international training programme in sexual and reproductive health and rights in Africa and Asia. Gilbert TumwineLund Sweden2022
Endometrial receptivity and regeneration in health and disease : molecular, cellular and clinical perspectives Carolina von GrothusenKarolinska InstiuteSweden2022
Tuberculosis infection in pregnant womenJohn WallesLund Sweden2022
Register-based studies of infertility and the use of assisted reproductive techniques : possibilities and challenges Chen WangKarolinska InstiuteSweden2022
Psychotropic drug treatment during pregnancy and lactation : effects on mother and child Essi Whaites HeinonenKarolinska InstiuteSweden2022
Human papillomavirus infection and preterm delivery Johanna WiikGothenburgSweden2022
Premenstrual disorders : risk factors, comorbidities and health impact Qian YangKarolinska InstiuteSweden2022
Effectiveness of a community-based breastfeeding intervention in ethiopia: a cluster randomized controlled trial Misra Abdulahi AhmedOsloNorway2022
Perinatal asphyxia in a global perspective: How can we improve outcomes? Karoline AkerNTNU TrondheimNorway2022
Maternity care for recently migrated women in Oslo, NorwaySukhjeet Kaur BainsOsloNorway2022
Measuring and understanding maternal mortality in Georgia Nino BerdzuliOsloNorway2022
The social life of reproductive health commodities in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso: an ethnographic study Mphil Seydou DraboOsloNorway2022
The impact of childbirth before and after mid-urethral sling surgery: new knowledge derived from Norwegian health registries Ole Aleksander DyrkornOsloNorway2022
Age at menopause: Associated factors and temporal trends Marthe Sørli GottschalkOsloNorway2022
Labor epidural analgesia: the role of adrenalineFelix HaidlOsloNorway2022
Maternal pregnancy folate status and association to language impairment in children of women with epilepsy after prenatal antiseizure medication exposure Elisabeth Synnøve Nilsen HusebyeBergenNorway2022
Epithelial ovarian cancer. Population-based cohort studies. The NOWAC Study and Postgenome biobank Mie JareidUiT TromsøNorway2022
The effects of high-intensity interval training and strength training on reproductive, metabolic, and cardiovascular health in women with polycystic ovary syndrome Ida Almenning KielNTNU TrondheimNorway2022
Nutritional environment of the unborn child: The role of the human placenta in the maternal-fetal interaction; A study of uncomplicated pregnancies Oddrun KristiansenOsloNorway2022
Single-cell N6-Methyladenosine (m6A) mapping in oocytes and preimplantation embryos Yanjiao LiOsloNorway2022
Ideal and reality: exclusive breastfeeding practices and child nutritional status in Kilimanjaro Region, TanzaniaMelina Bernard MgongoOsloNorway2022
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On the boundaries of care: the ephemerality of transgender medicine in the welfare state, Scandinavia 1951–2001. Ketil SlagstadOsloNorway2022
Exploring hypertensive disorders of pregnancy: risk factors, prevalence and time trends Kristina Baker SoleOsloNorway2022
Interrelationship of daily hassles, daily uplifts, coping strategies and stressrelated symptoms, reported by female survivors of sexual abuse: An exploratory mixed-methods approach. Marianne Torp StensvehagenOsloNorway2022
Cytokine profiling as a measure of immunological development and deviation throughout pregnancy in healthy women and women with PCOSLive Marie Tobiesen StokkelandNTNU TrondheimNorway2022
Organic food, pregnancy and health: Associations between consumption of organic food in pregnancy, maternal characteristics and pregnancy health outcomes in the Norwegian Mother, Father and Child Cohort Study (MoBa). Hanne TorjusenOsloNorway2022
Oral health in pregnancy: changes in oral bacterial milieu related to cariogenic bacterial load, oxidative stress and nitric oxide levels in the saliva and their effect on pregnancy outcome  Madhu Wagle ParajuliUiT TromsøNorway2022
Perinatal outcomes after assisted reproductive technology. Are adverse perinatal outcomes after assisted reproductive technology affected by mode of treatment or maternal factors? Kjersti Westvik-JohariNTNU TrondheimNorway2022
Access to female genital cutting specialized services in NorwayMai Mahgoub ZiyadaOsloNorway2022
Multi-parametric PET/MRI imaging for radiotherapy planning in patients with cervical cancer SaharAhangariCopenhagenDenmark2022
Pregnancy and the use of disease modifying treatment in women with multiple sclerosis Johanna Balslev AndersenCopenhagenDenmark2022
Caring for vulnerable pregnant women in general practice: General practitioners’ challenges of assessing, collaborating, and reporting on vulnerable pregnant women Louse Brygger Venø OdenseDenmark2022
Healthy Together: A behavioural change intervention to support a healthy lifestyle postpartum Pernille Kjærgaard ChristiansenOdenseDenmark2022
Clinical aspects of methylated HOXA9 DNA in ovarian cancerLouise Faaborg OdenseDenmark2022
Clinical implications of prevention and treatment of iron deficiency in pregnancy RebeckaHansen CopenhagenDenmark2022
Effects and processes of physical activity interventions during pregnancy: A PhD project based on the FitMum randomised controlled trial. Signe de Place KnudsenCopenhagenDenmark2022
Postmenopausal hormone therapy and dementia, cognition, and mortality Laura Løkkegaard JohansenOdenseDenmark2022
Cardiovascular health in girls and boys born after assisted reproductive technology with focus on frozen and fresh embryo transfer Ikram Mizrak CopenhagenDenmark2022
Assisted reproduction - ovulation and the early luteal phaseLouiseSvenstrup Odense Denmark2022
Clinical application of high-throughput sequencing technology in prenatal screening and diagnosis of birth defectsFanwei ZengCopenhagenDenmark2022
Molecular background of histopathological uterine leiomyoma variants Terhi AhvenainenHelsinkiFinland2022
Environmental and nutritional determinants of adverse pregnancy outcomes Hamudat Abiodun Ahmed BalogunOuluFinland2022
Measuring uterine contractile activity in labour : impact of dystocia, obesity and previous caesarean section on labour outcome Tuija HautakangasTampere Finland2022
Estradiol valerate vs. ethinylestradiol in combined oral contraception: effects on metabolism, reproductive hormones and blood coagulation Annina HaverinenHelsinkiFinland2022
Childbirth and induced abortion as a teenager : Associations with contraceptive services and long-term health outcomes. Eerika JalankoHelsinkiFinland2022
Hormone replacement therapy among Finnish menopausal women around millennium with special attention on the psychosocial background Jaana Jalava-BromanTurkuFinland2022
Estradiol valerate versus ethinylestradiol in combined contraceptives : effects on blood proteome, lipids, inflammation, and steroid hormones Marika KangasniemiOuluFinland2022
Long-term neurologic and cardiovascular outcome in fetal growth restriction : a longitudinal study from prenatal period to early school age Noora KorkalainenOuluFinland2022
The role of maternal prenatal distress in the development and functioning of the infant cortisol stress response Susanna KortesluomaTurkuFinland2022
Large-scale data analysis of uterine leiomyomas : from germline predisposition to somatic characterization Heli KuismaHelsinkiFinland2022
Vitamin D status in Northern Finland Birth Cohort 1966 and in women with reproductive disorders Johanna LummeOuluFinland2022
Pain in Finnish female municipal employees with special reference to psychosocial and work-related factors and quality of life Kirsi Malmberg-CederTurkuFinland2022
Hyperemesis gravidarum: incidence, recurrence, hospitalizations, outpatient care and effect on family planning Miina NurmiTurkuFinland2022
Health-related quality of life and cost outcomes of treatment of gynecological conditionsKristiina PynnäHelsinkiFinland2022
Feasibility of free-of-charge long-acting reversible contraception Tuire SalorantaHelsinkiFinland2022
Maternal morbidity, perinatal factors and childhood cancer in the offspringLaura SeppäläHelsinkiFinland2022
Genetic and other biological factors behind spontaneous preterm birth : genetics, transcriptomics and proteomics of human spontaneous preterm delivery Heli TiensuuOuluFinland2022
Preterm breech in Finland -risks and outcomesAnna ToijonenHelsinkiFinland2022
Angiogenesis and novel therapeutic drugs in pre-eclampsia assessed in a human cell-based in vitro model Anita VirtanenTampere Finland2022
Women search for normality in birth : Solutions empowering resilience and reproductive agency while reducing adverse outcomes for Somaliland women Jama Ali EgalDalarnaSweden2023
Quality of maternal healthcare : Exploring severe maternal outcomes and the influence of delays and decision-making on caesarean sections in a low-resource setting Jonah KirujaDalarnaSweden2023
Endometrial cancer - Studies on recurrences, complications and preoperative diagnostics Åsa ÅkessonGothenburgSweden2023
Vitamin D during pregnancy in relation to childhood growth, overweight and obesity Anna AmberntssonGothenburgSweden2023
Obstetric Emergency Triage - A new mindset in obstetric emergency care in Sweden Linnéa LindroosGothenburgSweden2023
The long-term effects of obstetrical anal sphincter injury on pelvic floor function Ida E K NilssonGothenburgSweden2023
Ultrasound and molecular biomarkers for prediction of preterm delivery in different risk groups of singleton pregnancies Tove WikströmGothenburgSweden2023
Perceived growth following gynecological cancer and its associated factors from the perspectives of Chinese women, spouses, couples and registered nurses Lihua ZhouJönköpingSweden2023
Support to breastfeeding women Ingrid BlixtKarolinska InstituteSweden2023
Immune cell composition and cytokine expression in the pregnant and non-pregnant uterus Ylva Crona GuterstamKarolinska InstituteSweden2023
Long-acting reversible contraception (LARC) after pregnancy and childbirth Karin Lichtenstein LiljebladKarolinska InstituteSweden2023
Suggested next steps to prevent cervical cancer after surgical treatment for high-grade cervical dysplasia David MegyessiKarolinska InstituteSweden2023
Morbidity and childbirth in myeloproliferative neoplasms Anna Ravn LandtblomKarolinska InstituteSweden2023
Precision medicine of ovarian cancer for adults and children : molecular, hereditary and clinical aspects Sandra WessmanKarolinska InstituteSweden2023
Vulvar cancer : patterns of recurrence, quality of life and extended indications for the sentinel node technique Diana ZachKarolinska InstituteSweden2023
Resistance training and physical activity in postmenopausal women : effects on vasomotor symptoms, quality of life and microcirculation Emilia BerinLinköpingSweden2023
Fertility in inflammatory bowel disease Emma DruveforsLinköpingSweden2023
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