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Are We Ready For Diversity in OB&GYN?

There is much talk about equality in healthcare, but are we truly prepared to confront diversity in ob&gyn? Levi Sørum is a Norwegian IT consultant, activist and transgender man. Throughout his medical transition he has experienced firsthand the challenges of seeking gynecological and otherwise female-gendered healthcare as a male-gendered patient.

How should we as ob&gyn professionals reshape our perception of the gynecological patient?


What: NFYOG Webinar: Are We Ready For Diversity in OB&GYN with Levi Sørum (NOR)
When: March 21st 2024 (Iceland: 15:30, Denmark, Sweden, Norway 16:30, Finland 17:30)
Where: Zoom Webinar (free)


What is NFYOG?

The Nordic Federation of Societies of Young Obstetricians and Gynecologists (NFYOG) was founded in 2002 as a trainee subgroup to NFOG.

NFYOG is an association consisting of the national societies for trainees in obstetrics and gynecology: FUGO (Norway), OGU (Sweden), FYGO (Denmark), EGO (Finland) and NFK (Iceland). The NFYOG board consists of two representatives from each national society. The financing of the association is based solely on contributions from NFOG.

The purpose of the association is to improve trainee education by exchanging knowledge and experiences in matters relating to trainee programs in the Nordic countries. By sharing knowledge and searching for best practices, we strive to harmonize the education in the different countries and to make Nordic trainee education the best in the world.

To further support the education of Nordic obstetrics and gynecology trainees, NFYOG organizes webinars on interesting topics that often include a global health or social medicine perspective to obstetrics and gynecology. Webinars are organized twice per year.

You will find our statues and board minutes here, as well as links to all national societies.

We are happy receive comments and thoughts on our current work, and ideas on future projects and matters.

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Further information on education and trainee programmes in Ob/Gyn in Europe can be found through the homepage of the European Network of Trainees of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, ENTOG

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The NFYOG board consists of 2 representatives from each of the Nordic countries.

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